【SUMIeMOTION】は中国から禅とともに伝わり、日本で独自に発展したトラディショナルアート「墨絵_SUMI-e」と現代の今、新しく沸き起こる「感情_eMOTION」を融合させた新しい墨絵をSUMIe Artist 河村英之が世界に向けて発信するアートプロジェクトです。


“SUMIeMOTION” is SUMI-e art project by Hideyuki Kawamura, SUMI-e Artist. We are introducing our art works, which is merged with our traditional art of “SUMI-e” that was brought back with ZEN from China and developed in its own way in Japan and a welling of new “eMOTION”, from Tokyo to all over the world.